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If you’re looking for a home in a city, with a small town feeling, that embodies luxury living while remaining family-oriented, consider Weston. Initially conceived as a master planned community, Weston has grown into a city of 65,692 without losing its hometown feeling. That growth has been well managed, making Weston a very desirable location for both the residential and corporate communities.

There are many reasons to consider living in the Weston community, with both A-rated public schools and highly rated private schools being top of the list. Weston has the lowest crime rate per capita in Broward County and outstanding public safety. Both of these factors

 are important when you’re choosing where you will raise your family.

Secure in its financial strength, Weston has an outstanding AAA credit rating, the lowest combined property, municipal taxes and fees in the county as well as the lowest millage rate. The diverse corporate and retail climate includes Fortune 500 companies as well as owner-operated small businesses.

 This vibrant community boasts 14 immaculately maintained park and recreational facilities, plus a Community Center offering year-round enrichment classes for all ages.

One of the first things you will notice upon entering Weston is the distinctively extensive landscaping, with rows of prestigious Royal

 Palms and lush foliage lining the berms and medians all over the entire city. The unique natural beauty of the Florida Everglades, with its 2,200 acres of wetland preserves surround Weston, providing a home to a vast ecological population.

Weston is home to five nationally recognized hotels and resorts as well as the Town Center shopping complex, which also offers dining and nightlife. Citizens enjoy world-class healthcare provided by Broward Health Weston, Cleveland Clinic Florida and the Miami Children’s Hospital Dan Marino Center.

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